September Sonnet

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September Sonnet

Hi there!

How does it feel to be back to school/work? Awww?!? Meeeoooow?!? Oh, sorry.

Anyway, I hope you had a great summer and you’re ready for the coming fall.

Starting July, I’m spending (virtually) some hours per week on Deer&Doe, a website selling pretty sewing patterns!  Read more »

My little studio #3

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studio weriem sneak peek

Hey… I know, we didn’t see each other since a long time, we’re almost stranger now… but do you mind stepping into my place?

Do you remember my little studio? You already saw it, here and here.

This room became too small the day I decided to stop cutting yards of fabric in several times, on the dinner table. I needed a bigger surface to stop wasting time in the cutting process. I didn’t go far: I just moved in the living room. The couch and the TV went into what was the studio before, and this one became a tiny cozy living room / guest bedroom.

To have a big worktable, I bought a big wood board at Home Depot ( 4’ x 8’) and went to Ikea for two chests of drawers “Tarva” and another small one, named “Rast” (I had one already). Later, I painted the whole thing with a blue stain. The drawers’ knobs were replaced by old wood bobbins found in antiques shops. Read more »

Very veggie

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Hello cookies!

Is someone still here? I mean, I came back, I disappeared, I came back again and hop, nothing from me for several months? I’m a bit embarrassed, you know! But, let’s do like nothing happened, ok?

From a creative point of view, always shows, costumes, etc. but well, that’s work and after several months glued in a same project -even a very very interesting project- I just need fresh air. Sounds fair enough, no? And this is how I come back here, to the amusing little thing just made for fun, aka my blog!

So, what’s cheering, quick and easy to do = high level of immediate satisfaction? Jewelry, of course! (Can you hear me, proven by yards of laced ruffles, complicated corsets and hundreds of embroidered beads???).
You’ll see that these days, I’m particularly attracted by plant-like and simple, very simple, jewelry. Not because I’m lazy but because simplicity is beautiful, also. I mean it, really, and it just feels so good!

These are the veggies I’ve grown up in my jewelry box… Read more »

A poster for Geraldine

Publié le 13 October, 2012, sous Illustrations


Yep, I’m still here!

So next time it seemed that you, dear readers, have a little preference to see costumes rather than illustrations… Well, I’m so late in presenting my drawings that drawing it will be.

Oh, come on! Don’t be so disappointed! If you read this post until the end, you’ll see that there is a little thing about costumes…

Today’s drawing was made 1 year ago (see how much I’m late?). One day, a lady called Geraldine contacted me. She was looking for a unique and customized Christmas gift for the sister (isn’t that adorable?).

She wanted a poster in the Art Nouveau style and something big enough to include several family photos in it. The chosen theme was the city of Nice (South of France), the city of their happy childhood, perfumed with sea salt, mimosas, carnations and olive tree branches… Read more »

Business cards holder, summer 2012

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business card 0

Knock, knock! Someone’s there?

Here I come again! Almost 5 months without writting here, it’s a lot… but time has gone so quickly!

I’m even later than in April to show costumes and drawings… so, just as appetizers, this is my business cards holder.

Read more »

The bloggy blues

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serger presser foot

Hello you!

I’m trying to get rid of my laziness about this blog to show the costumes I made this winter.

The next post is almost written since a few days but I’m dawdling. I’m blocking instead of blogging! In other words, that’s the bloggy blues!

Plus, I don’t really know how to show you some things. Read more »

Thank you cards, Charlotte & Andries

Publié le 18 March, 2012, sous Illustrations, Mariage

thank you card

Do you remember that I made Charlotte & Andries’ wedding cards (big wedding & civil wedding) and the menus? To finish properly, this is the thank you card!

They asked me to highlight, via my drawing, the big and little things that symbolized their D-day. For this, they authorized me to have a look in their wedding photos… and what a beautiful wedding it was, so fresh and delicate!

So, this is Charlotte and Andries in their very classy old car. And the souvenirs of the day, in foreground: umbrella & fan, champagne & mustache, petals of roses in cone paper & paper birds and the little honey pots seen here. Read more »

My little studio #2

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studio0 copie

Pfffeeew, this week was a housework week! All the costumes (that I haven’t show you yet, I know, I’m a nasty girl) are now cleaned, listed and stored. My little studio, which was completely invaded, can breathe again, after a big reorganization.

As it was tidy and as it’s pretty rare, I’ve taken pictures, to show you how it is for the 2nd time. The 1st time, it was in this post and the room was almost empty. At this time, my aim was to fill it with second hand furniture and avoid the big stores (like Ikea), as much as possible.

So, what about it today? Read more »

A black shirt for Mister C., winter 2011

Publié le 4 March, 2012, sous Couture

Man Shirt weriem 0


As I said a long time ago, here I come again with a sewing project…

Craig, director of the Haymarket Opera Company I worked for in August (see episode 1, 2 and 3), ordered me a shirt.

Craig is a viola de gamba player (kind of cello) and, as a a lot of musicians, he has to be dressed in black. I proposed him a tunic with a straight collar, in a very light silk, to change from casual black shirts that he can find easily in the stores. Read more »

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